5 Post Offices in Camden temporarily closed due to Coronavirus

5 Post Offices have been temporarily closed across Camden due to the impact of Coronavirus. Post offices in Grays Inn, Southampton Road, Farringdon Road, Robert Street and Crowndale Road will be closed for an indefinite amount of time.

Local London Assembly Member, Andrew Dismore AM, has written to the Post Office to raise his concerns about the move.

Mr Dismore said:

‘I have long had a sceptical approach to the working practices of the Post Office, and have written to them to ensure that they are re-opened as soon as possible, and that the coronavirus is not used as cover to permanently close any post offices. I have also asked them to advertise where the nearest open Post Offices are.’

Labour candidate for Barnet and Camden Cllr Anne Clarke added:

‘I am extremely concerned by the closure of Post Offices, even for a temporary period of time, as are a lifeline to so many communities and local businesses. With social distancing in force, the close of post offices will put greater pressure on nearby open ones, and lead to ever longer lines.’



  • Andrew Dismore AM is the London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden.
  • Cllr Anne Clarke is the Labour Candidate for Barnet and Camden in the 2021 London Assembly Election
  • For further information please visit The Post Office Consultation Hub via the links below: