Labour say North Finchley Homebase development should not be processed during lockdown

Redrow Homes have written to Councillors in North Finchley and local Assembly Member Andrew Dismore informing them that they are leafletting nearly 4,000 local residents and starting a consultation process to progress a scheme to develop 300 homes on the North Finchley Homebase site.

As a result, the Labour Councillors for West Finchley and Woodhouse wards, and Mr Dismore have written to the Chief Executive of Barnet Council asking for the Council not to consider the scheme during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Mr Dismore said:

‘Firstly, Redrow should not be leafletting nearly 4,000 homes during the Coronavirus lockdown. This is deeply irresponsible and shows a lack of regard for the rules of the lockdown against unnecessary travel outside and unnecessary work. Secondly we do not believe that starting the public consultation process during the Coronavirus lockdown is fair. There can be no public exhibitions and the public’s ability to have their say on the scheme is severely curtailed and diminished, compromising the validity of the process.’

Labour Group Deputy Leader and West Finchley Councillor Ross Houston added:

‘We are not objecting to the application per se  right now, merely to the process which we think is unfair, and opens the Council up to a potential judicial review of any decision if it has been made after  a flawed consultation during which residents can’t be consulted properly. We have written to the Council’s Chief Executive John Hooton to ask that the Council does not consider this major application now, and that residents have a fair say when the lockdown is over.’



  • Andrew Dismore AM is the London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden.
  • Cllr Ross Houston is Deputy Leader of the Barnet Labour Group and Councillor for West Finchley Ward.
  • A Copy of the letter from Andrew Dismore AM and Labour Councillors for West Finchley and Woodhouse wards can be found here:Letter to John Hooton on Homebase April 20