Tube noise update April 2020

I raised with Heidi Alexander the possibilities of speed reductions at ‘hot spots’ during the service reductions due to the Covid19 pandemic; and an update on the trials of the new track fastenings (Delkor): here is the response:
I asked TfL officers to consider this and the suggestion has been reviewed by the Director of Line Operations.
Unfortunately, speed restrictions would significantly disrupt the already limited service TfL is operating. Implementing manual speed restrictions on certain sections of the line requires significant resource which TfL simply does not have available at the moment. As you know, the focus must be enabling essential journeys around London. It is also for this reason that TfL has suspended its rail grinding programme, in order that the focus can be on carrying out safety critical tasks.
Due to the slight relaxation in headways owing to the reduction in service, more trains will be ‘coasting’ into stations. This means there is less aggressive acceleration and braking, with trains able to shut off their traction earlier before reaching the station. This is driving down decibel levels across the network.
In terms of an update on the installation of Delkor, because of the coronavirus crisis, construction has had to be paused for installation on the Jubilee line between Baker Street and St Johns Wood. On the Victoria line, testing of the product is underway and a survey of the tunnel section between Victoria and Pimlico has been commissioned to determine if the Delkor designed for timber sleepers will be viable.
If the product is viable, TfL will then secure the necessary approvals and manufacture the bespoke baseplates in order to trial the same variety elsewhere on the Victoria line. Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to give accurate timescales for this given the pause on construction works.
Heidi Alexander
Deputy Mayor for Transport