Updated guidance on face coverings from Sadiq Khan


Over the last two months Londoners have shown that they want to do everything they can to slow the spread of COVID-19. You have been sticking to the rules and staying home to protect the NHS and save lives.

Thank you.

The Government has updated its guidance on the use of non-medical face coverings. From now on, non-medical face coverings are advised in enclosed public spaces when it is difficult to maintain a safe distance from others.

Although Londoners should still stay at home as much as possible I’m now asking all Londoners who have to use public transport for essential travel to wear a non-medical face covering over your nose and mouth for the entirety of your journey.

To be clear, medical face masks and PPE should be reserved for our health and care workers. You can make a face covering from the materials you have in your home – such as a scarf or a bandana.

Please follow this guidance on how you should wear a face covering:

  • Cover your nose and mouth whilst ensuring you can breathe comfortably
  • Wash your hands before putting it on or taking it off
  • Avoid touching your nose and mouth at all times and do not touch the front of the face covering with unwashed hands or gloves
  • Store used face coverings in a plastic bag until you can wash it
  • Wash your face covering regularly


Remember: a face covering is not a substitute for staying at home, washing your hands frequently and keeping a safe distance from others. By wearing a face covering in an enclosed space where you cannot keep your distance, you are protecting the people around you and helping to slow the spread of this deadly virus.

Londoners, please follow this guidance and we will get through this crisis, together.


Thank you.


Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan