Planning Objection to Victoria Quarter in East Barnet

Objection to planning application for Land Formerly Known As British Gas Works Albert Road New Barnet Barnet EN4 9SH, Ref: 20/1719/FUL

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to object to the above application in my capacity as London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden.

This application comes as a major disappointment given the work the local community had put in to working with the developer to come up with entirely acceptable proposals.

The current application is completely unacceptable, and deficient in a number of areas.

Firstly, the reduction in affordable provision should not be accepted, especially given the substantial rise in density. Barnet should be aiming for 50% affordable housing provision, and this application makes that aspiration considerably harder to achieve.


Secondly, the height of the new blocks is too high and out of keeping with the local area. There is a clear difference between the architecture of East Barnet, east of the railway line, and that west of it. As this site is within the East Barnet ward and east of the railway line it should respect its local surroundings, so 10 story blocks are unacceptable, and will have a negative impact on neighbours.

This leads on to the third point, which is that this iteration of the plans for this site are too dense and will put pressure on local services, such as schools and GP practices, local transport and amenities. At a time when we are encouraging social distancing, the introduction of an overly dense scheme will make that harder.

Fourthly, the design of the buildings do not respect the character of East Barnet, and its Victorian heritage. This is, of course, an application on Albert Road, off Victoria Road. These are bog standard blocks which could go anywhere, they have no character, meaning or merit to their design, and stupefy with their blandness.

I hope you will consider my grounds for refusal and reject this scheme. If, however the developers come back with their original scheme, it should be considered in a fresh light.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Dismore AM

London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden

City Hall

The Queen’s Walk