Shock tweet exposes Desmond House Downpour

A shocking tweet from residents of Desmond House in East Barnet revealed serious leakages within properties. The Tweet from @DesmondHouseEN4 contained a video which appeared to show leaks from light fittings, holes in the ceiling, and along walls during the heavy rain on 17th June.

The tweet has prompted action by local Labour Representatives Cllr Jo Cooper, Cllr Laurie Williams and London Assembly Member Andrew Dismore, who have written to the chief executive of Metropolitan Homes demanding immediate repair works.

Barnet and Camden London Assembly Member Andrew Dismore said:

“The video was shocking, it was as if it was raining within the flat. It is completely unacceptable for any resident to live in such conditions. Sadly, this shines a light on extremely poor practices of maintenance by Metropolitan Homes, and urgent answers are needed.”

East Barnet Councillor Laurie Williams added:

“I am absolutely furious with this. Thanks to coronavirus, people are stuck at home for most of the time, but how are you supposed to stay in such conditions? Think of the risk to health of living in such damp conditions, think about the damage that is being done to the building by having running water flowing through electrics.”