383 bus extended to Finchley Memorial Hospital

Transport for London has agreed to extend the 383 bus from Woodside Park to Finchley Memorial Hospital from 1st August as a response to the need to improve transport connectivity to hospitals during the Coronavirus Crisis. The decision was applauded by local Labour Assembly Member Andrew Dismore AM and Anne Clarke, candidate for Barnet and Camden at the London Assembly election next year.

Barnet and Camden London Assembly Member Andrew Dismore said:

“Whilst I would have liked to see the hoppa bus option considered which would have improved connections to all three Finchley town centres, I welcome this move, which will benefit staff and visitors to the hospital. I have been lobbying TfL to introduce bus services into the hospital for eight years, so I am pleased that we have been able to make some progress.”

Labour London Assembly candidate Anne Clarke added:

“Given the appalling conditions of the TfL bailout imposed by the government, it is good to see that Sadiq Khan still has his eye out for improvements to the bus service, especially those which will most benefit patients and key workers. Sadiq doesn’t just clap for the NHS, he delivers for them.”



• Andrew Dismore AM is the London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden
• Anne Clarke is the Labour candidate for Barnet and Camden.