Notes from Tube Noise meeting 18th September 2020

Fitzrovia: TfL are committing to grinding both the north and southbound tracks between Seven Sisters and Victoria every 6 months, starting in October/November this year, each programmed grind will take approximately 6 weeks to complete.

Finchley Central: They are looking to do a single supplier tender for electronic lubricators. It will take about 13 weeks, unless they have to go full open type tendering. They accept lubrication helps but what the existing system installed recently was contaminating the brakes so they had to stop using it.

Mornington Crescent: They did some grinding earlier in the year but didn’t follow up, as the fumes from Bank Branch grinding were dangerous- it is not diesel fumes, but steel fumes from the grinding itself. They are looking for a long-term engineering intervention solution, they hope for news in next 2 to 3 months.

Kentish Town and Mornington Crescent in carriage noise: report to follow

Mill Hill East: report to follow

On the use of speed reductions on the Northern Line, they cannot switch between peak and off peak timetables during the day- the computer says no. They will look at the possibilities for speed reductions after evening peak (but I have my doubts they will deliver on this).

They also spoke about the TfL financial situation, which has seen an annual profit of £837m turn to loss of £1 bn + this year due to COVID, so safety critical work is prioritised.