update on Catalytic converter thefts in Edgware from police

I know that local residents from Edgware have contacted you regarding this issue on a couple of occasions to clarify what the police are doing, so just to update you we are aware and have been working hard to reduce this type of crime.


With regards to the catalytic converter thefts in Edgware we are taking the increase in this type of crime very seriously. We have already spoken directly to some of the residents giving crime prevention advice. In addition I have had extra patrols conducted in the area by our tasking team. Unfortunately as you can appreciate I cannot always guarantee additional resources.


We also have been using social media to alert and highlight the types of vehicles being targeted for this type of crime.


My team now spend more time in this area of the ward being as visible as they can to deter the criminals. Currently I have linked in with other wards across the borough and it’s clear this type of crime is happening across a large area including parts of Hertfordshire.


We have had a total of 8 catalytic converter thefts since the end of December on the Edgware ward with Lexus and Prius models being the main vehicles being targeted.


I have seen some cctv footage of thieves committing these types of thefts and it only takes them a few moments to remove the catalytic converters before they make off. Unfortunately the suspects are hard to identify due to face coverings and when we do get a registration number from the cars the suspects use to make off in, they are either on false or cloned number plates.


I would hope that manufacturers like Lexus and Toyota continue to take advice and listen to police with regards to vehicle security as there must be a reason why these particular vehicles are being targeted.


I will continue to request extra resources to patrol the area as well as ensure my team are as visible as they can be in this part of the ward. We are starting to build an intelligence picture with regards the suspects and vehicles they are using which will hopefully help us target these individuals when they are driving around on the borough.


I will be looking to do a proactive local operation in the coming weeks, covid permitting in the area targeting catalytic thefts in Edgware.