Barnet misses millions in developer contributions

Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden Andrew Dismore says Barnet Council could have lost millions of pounds in contributions from developers by not reviewing the Community Infrastructure Levy rate for 8 years, when it should be reviewed every 3 years.

In his consultation response, Mr Dismore said:

‘Whilst I find it amusing that Barnet Council has finally gotten round to reviewing CIL rates after 8 years when they should be reviewed every 3 years, I fear the joke is on the hard pressed Barnet taxpayer, who has been picking up the tab for the last decade of over development, with less money than there should have been to fund much needed infrastructure works.

‘Barnet Council seems determined not to learn lessons from its previous failures to reassess things in good time. Not reviewing pension investments for several years after the financial crash left the council playing catch up on a funding gap, and the year 6 review into the capita contracts is well into the 8th year. Perhaps the council might reconsider it’s logo to “better late than never”?

‘However, in all seriousness, the delay into review CIL rates has been at the benefit of developers, and to the detriment of residents. Could there be a better metaphor for the last 8 years? Many major developments are years down the line. The Council still fails to plan for adequate services and infrastructure in regeneration schemes, such as Colindale, West Hendon, Mill Hill, Stonegrove and Dollis Valley. All these mistakes are being made again in Brent Cross. One wonders how much less the suffering of residents who have lived in building sites for years might have been with addition CIL contributions to pay for improvements and mitigations?.’

"Better late than never" - is this to be Barnet's new motto?

“Better late than never” – is this to be Barnet’s new motto?



  • Andrew Dismore is the Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden
  • A copy of Mr Dismore’s consultation response can be found here:CIL consultation response