Temporary closure of Front office Colindale

Colindale Police Station is an important site for the Metropolitan Police within the North West Area Basic Command Unit (BCU). However, its current configuration fails to provide a modern policing facility and the building is in need of refurbishment.

To allow this refurbishment to take place, the station’s front counter will temporarily relocate. Refurbishment of the station is expected to take around four months.

The front counter at Colindale Police Station will close at 0700 on 5th April The front counter at Barnet Police Station will open at exactly the same time on this day to ensure no gap in services to the public. Officers and staff will remain in contact with the public and partners throughout the refurbishment process.


Superintendent Louis Smith, of the North West Area BCU, said: “The refurbishment of Colindale Police Station is a necessary process. The building in its current form doesn’t provide our staff with the facilities or equipment to provide the best possible service to our communities.


“While I’m aware the temporary closure of the front counter at Colindale Police Station may be a concern to some residents, I would like to stress that this is temporary – this police station and its 24-hour front counter will re-open as soon as refurbishments have been completed.


“At no point will there be a gap in the ability of the public to gain immediate access to a police station in the local area. Barnet Police Station, which is about 7 miles from our current base at Colindale Police Station, will be re-opened as the 24/7 front counter for communities in the local area. Our top priority is ensuring members of the public can access the help they need and there are a range of ways for the public to contact the police, including online via our website www.met.police.uk , on the phone via 101 or 999 in the case of an emergency. You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”


As a result of COVID-19, we continue to ask people to follow the stay at home measures set out by the government, and to use our online services where possible.


This includes reporting crimes using our online service rather than visiting a front counter.


In an emergency they should continue to call 999 or 101 if it is urgent.


While the planned date for this works remains accurate at the time of writing, delays to the timeline may occur as a result of COVID-19 or other reasons. Where this does happen, we will endeavour to communicate updated timelines with you as soon as possible.