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Waking watches (1)

Question No: 2020/3956

Andrew Dismore

At the recent FREP meeting Ritu Saha stated that she would like to see more consistency in the advice given by LFB to building managers regarding interim measures. What work has your office been doing to ensure there is consistency in the measures imposed to keep buildings and residents safe?

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The Mayor

Last updated: 24 November, 2020

Officers are drafting a response

Waking watches (1)

The Mayor

Last updated: 25 March, 2021

London Fire Brigade (LFB) staff have been familiarised with the latest version of the National Fire Chief Council’s guidance on interim fire safety measures for buildings requiring remediation, which is supported by a learning package – this methodology provides consistency in line with the national position.

However, the level and type of interim measures will often vary between buildings as factors such as building height, the level and type of cladding, the number of staircases, and any fire safety defects within the premises will all inform the risk assessment carried out by the competent person and the resultant necessary level of interim measures that may be required.

LFB officers have challenged both over-provision and under-provision in waking watches but the LFB does not have legal powers to require the reduction of over-provision that may be recommended or put in place by a competent person or the responsible person for the premises.