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Our Fare Deal

Your report (24/11/11) of Ken Livingstone’s promise to reduce transport fares will be welcome by all those who use tubes, buses and the overground in Camden and Barnet. The detail is simple. If elected as London’s mayor next May, Ken will introduce an overall fares cut of 5% next  autumn and ensure there are no further fare rises at all […]

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What are they afraid of?

Dear Editor,  Conservative Barnet Council’s efforts to silence scrutiny and questioning of its decisions and policies knows no bounds. Last week (HandH 17/11) reported their attempts to block the bloggers, who do an excellent job in exposing the truth behind what the Council gets up to. The new rules leading to the emasculation of the Area Forums, which prevent anything […]

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Letter to Ham and High

In the Ham and High (15/9/11), you quote the figures I obtained under the Freedom of Information Act from Scotland Yard describing the fall in police numbers in Camden. The Borough Commander questioned these, saying that the local police were “now back on target”. That may well be so: but this depends on the target! The FoI response ( a […]

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Area Forum

Dear Editor,  Cllr Gordon ( Times 13/10/11) must either be Walter Mitty or have been at a different Hendon Area Forum to me and the other people who attended.   He started by saying that he wanted to let people  have their say, but he continually interrupted from the chair throughout the meeting from the very  first  minute: the business would […]

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Freedom Of Information Requests

Dear editor, Your front page article on Barnet’s inability to protect properly confidential material is in sharp contrast with their inability to respond to freedom of information requests properly on time or at all. Indeed, I have just presented a complaint to the Information Commissioner about the failure of the Conservative Council to respond to a request I sent them […]

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