Reply letter to Cllr John Hart

Dear editor,

Of course it is good  to see the various Christmas markets and fairs around the borough at this time of year, and indeed in the Summer, the school fairs too.

However, Councillor Hart, like the rest of Barnet’s Conservative Councillors, is going round wearing rose tinted spectacles, and,  to mix a metaphor, turning a blind eye to the problems of those less fortunate than themselves – those who can’t afford to buy French produce at the Mill Hill street market, and instead  are dependent on food banks- including those who rely on meals on wheels who the Conservatives say in future  should use food banks instead.

Or those who can’t afford not just to live in a  friendly place like Mill Hill,  but struggle to put a roof over their heads anywhere at all, due to London’s housing crisis under the Conservative Mayor of London who considers an income of over £75,000 to be required for an ‘affordable’ home.

Or those who need emergency NHS care, with A and E departments consistently missing waiting times targets and the London Ambulance Service now in special measures.

At this time of year, surely the message is that we  should all be thinking more of those who are struggling to make ends meet- unlike Councillor Hart who is more concerned with buying his French  croissants, confiture and charcuterie.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Dismore

Andrew Dismore

Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden