Europe report from City Hall, June 2016

By the time of my next report, the Referendum will be over and we will know our ‘Eurofate’, one way or another.

Quite a few people have been asking for objective facts about the vote. The most balanced thing I have read was the unanimous report of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, agreed by MPs from both sides of the issue, and I would recommend it to you.

It makes no recommendations to how you should vote but analyses the various arguments for and against pretty effectively in my view.

My own vote will be for ‘Remain’.

I have a new page on my website about the EU:

and I have published some single page factsheets and put links to other materials too.

We held a debate in the Assembly on the issue, as it affects London, in which I spoke, explaining that I had voted ‘no ‘ in 1975 and how and why my opinion had changed since then. This is the motion that the Assembly passed.

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