letter for publication UKIP and Brexit at City Hall July 16

Dear editor

If it  wasn’t true, it would be hard to credit.

After the Brexit vote, London has seen a doubling in race hate crime. The pound is tumbling. 11% of London’s population don’t know if they will be allowed to stay here. Universities are losing research funding. Businesses are already seeing joint ventures disappear. London  faces uncertainty over hundreds of thousands of jobs dependent on the single market.

New Mayor Sadiq Khan is working hard , doing the best he can to protect London from the worst of the impact. He is  rightly demanding zero tolerance of race hate. He is rightly demanding  a place at the negotiating table for London, the country’s economic powerhouse, to defend  our  capital’s jobs and interests.

Yet when we  debated Brexit  at  City Hall last week what was UKIP’s solution? Believe it or not , actually to  oppose London having a seat in the negotiations – and to take down the EU flag outside City Hall!  They had no constructive post Brexit proposals whatsoever. Doesn’t that say it all about UKIP?

Andrew Dismore

Andrew Dismore AM

Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden