Letter for publication:  Brexit  rebuttal

Mr Guttman ( letters 11th May) again questions me over Brexit, stating that I was ‘ all against EU referendums  last year’. Not so. If he had bothered to check my record when I was Hendon’s MP, he would have seen I supported an ‘in/ out’ referendum, a view I did not change.

What I objected to were the lies and distortions told by the Leave campaign to con people into voting their way; and their refusal to countenance any scrutiny of what they said then, say now, or what Brexit deal (if any)  emerges.

How many tens of millions of Turks were about to descend on our doorsteps, according to their campaign, for example?

And what about the emerging revelations about the links between the Leave campaign and the US  ‘alt right’ billionaire friends of President Trump, who it now seems organised and funded with questionable legality the Leave ‘below the  radar’ social media targeted campaign?

Mr Lieberman ( letters 11th May) now at least has the grace to admit the £350 million a week for the NHS’  was not an accurate figure, to say the least- he says it should have been ‘£240 million’: but how long will it take to pay off the £100 billion divorce settlement ;and  what will any left over  money be worth, as inflation has now started to bite after the Brexit inspired  continuing  drop in the value of the pound; and how much of that money will still exist (even if his corrected figure  was right)   as the economy and public finances  contract even more  as a result of Brexit, once  it happens- especially  if it is the ‘hard’ or ‘no deal’ Brexit advocated by the Leaver lemmings who want our economy to follow their death plunge  over the White Cliffs of Dover?

Ms Akwaeze ( letters 11th May) repeats the Conservative plea for a compliant lap dog  Tory Commons majority  that will approve without question or scrutiny whatever Mrs May and her ministers , if they win the election, puts before them. That is surely the road to ruin. Proper scrutiny is essential to ensure that whatever is negotiated by whoever forms  the Government , the deal does not sell the UK short, is the  best that can be obtained , and has  wide public support .

As London Assembly Member with the job of scrutinising  Foreign Secretary  Boris Johnson when he was London Mayor, it was evidently clear that he was not a man with an eye for the detail then, and even more so as he has fronted so far our EU negotiations with Brexit Secretary David Davis, who has hardly inspired confidence since his appointment.

Nobody, not even the arrogance of the Conservative Party, justifies  a blank cheque with the nation’s future and its prosperity.

Finally , all  three of your Brexiteer correspondents’ overlook the fact that all three Parliamentary Constituencies in Barnet  voted heavily for ‘Remain’. If anyone is out of touch with local views in the Borough  over Brexit, it is  them ( and the Conservative candidates) ,  not me.


Andrew Dismore AM

Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden