Letter to editors on Good Work Standard

Dear Editor,

I want to urge businesses across our local community to sign up to the Mayor of London’s Good Work Standard, launched this week. In doing so, they’d be playing their part in raising the bar when it comes to promoting workers’ rights and workplace wellbeing, whilst also boosting their business’ stability.

To achieve accreditation, employers are required to adopt progressive workplace policies. These include eliminating existing gender and ethnicity pay gaps, providing more flexible and agile working environments and paying staff the London Living Wage.

With the Office for Budget Responsibility warning that a no-deal Brexit could damage our economy, it’s worth highlighting that signing up to the Good Work Standard could provide businesses and employees with some degree of certainty and stability during this turbulent time.

Not only will accreditation provide organisations with public recognition that they are decent employers, they can reap the benefits of better outcomes when it comes to staff recruitment and retention, increased productivity, more robust loss prevention and long-term cost savings. Surely that’s something worth exploring.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Dismore AM

London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden